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Furship Memorial Gardens


These pages are dedicated to Members and Special Furriends, who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.


We hope you'll stop and purr for a moment and then visit our dear departed furriends.


Over The Rainbow Remembrances

   in Alphabetical Order

Furship Members



Madam Troublinski





Snowpuff and Tang

Tiger Magnificat - April 2005



Friends and Family of Furship

 in Alphabetical Order

Baby Cat

Bubba and Jazzy Taylor






   Click on a name to visit their remembrance.

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We may have passed with a glance,

We may have not spoken by chance,

Another day hours we mewed for naught,

or in a moment passed one sweet thought,

in my heart I'll remember your special soul,

who left a light in my heart and soul,

missing you all in friendship and furship,



By Mysty



If you would like to remember a former member or a family member of one, please send your gifts through E-Mail to Mysty.

If a gift was at our Old site and has not been put here yet, please advise Mysty also.  If a member is not remembered here to, please let us know also.


Members if you have or find any graphics that would go on these dedication pages, please send to Mysty.  Chapels, benches, garden type graphics and any offerings for our remembrances.  Send in any dedication purrs also.

   The fountain of tears wells for our departed friends!

                    We are so proud to have received Dusty's award!

Dusty was member, Levi's sibling, and a past member of Furship!


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Memorial pages

The North Garden, Ren and Estralla

The South Rainbow Walk East, Tang

The South Rainbow Walk West, Snowpuff and Keedie

Butterfly Garden East, Sasha


All on this page belongs to Storme Designs and Furship,  please do not copy the graphics or poem..

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