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Furship Memorial North Garden

Feel free to leave flowers, poems, purrs etc. for our Memorials. See the mail link below.



One of our long time Members, Ren, crossed over in April 2004.

Ren's Cat Page at http:// is a lovely Memorial

from her Meomie. 

December 1992 to April 18, 2004.

Her sibling Lucky is a Furship Member.  Deep purrs to the family.




Beloved sister of another Furship member, Destino. 

Long time members, who shared being our Award Cats.  They created a beautiful

award for the Furship Site of the Month selections. They've won our Most Active

Friendlest Cats and Special Cat Awards in Furship .

She crossed over the Bridge in 2003.



You can send flower graphics, poems or any Memorial

item you would like to any of our rainbow bridge cats on these pages or if you would like

someone remembered here, please send the information.  We may have lost some flowers or

information from the past, so please advise and we will try and replace it.




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Furship Memorial Gardens Entrance


These graphics belong exclusively to Furship and cannot be copied without permission.


Our garden was resown on May 18, 2004.

Our friends are remembered through Tripod.