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The Letter Corner


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These graphics are mainly of notepaper with envelopes and a few backgrounds.

These backgrounds can be layered.  I use tables for layering my backgrounds.

notesetblu.gif (9616 bytes)

There went the color scheme, lol!  Text can be added to our graphics, like the one above.

Simple Text is free.   For logo's or more involved work, please visit Storme Designs.

notesettoptr.gif (9267 bytes)

These were made and designed by Storme Millennium Graphics. If you use any

of these graphics, a link to our site is required.

Mail (3825 bytes)

Below are more backgrounds to copy. 

The Background below has rippled lines running down giving a slight satin look.



The pattern below is swirled and seamless.



Like the first one above with the ribbony lines going down,

but lighter in color.



The background below is another tile background, which

is really nice and would look well with any style.



statncrmcrlt2.gif (5566 bytes)

The one above has no shadow and appears flat.  The one below has a shadow

and appears raised.  The light shadow would not show on a light background.

Notepaper (6422 bytes)

If you use any of these original graphics, a link must be provided back to

Storme Designs(10554 bytes)

or to our new Card Index at

Storme Cards (6003 bytes)

SayThank you (12742 bytes)with a written look!


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Letters were edited on December 30, 2003.

Email Letters can be sent through Tripod.