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Thinking of You Card

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Thinking of You Memory Card

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Halloween Card

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Holiday Greeting

*Thank You Card*

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*Valentine Rose Card*

*Rainbow Bridge Card*

Moving Announcement Cards

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Change of Address Cards

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*Across the Miles*

*Birthday Greeting*


*Happy Holidays*

Cards and Postcards are listed above separately. The titled pages, like Valentine, are pages which can be used as cards to send someone to for a Greeting. The others, like Blank Card pages, are cards which can be copied or used as postcards. Our cards cannot be altered in anyway, except to add text. Our graphics and cards cannot be added to any collections without our permission. If there are any cards you would like to see, let us know.

*New Cards or updated cards or urls will be *starred *. 

Updated a few of the cards recently with music and or additional graphics. Plus added

Java effects such as floating swans on our *Apology Card*!


A descriptive index of our cards and graphics is at The Loft.


Added to a Realtor site, Realtor Assistance Center are two Card pages to send to new home owners and two pages with Moving cards for change of addresses on or off the web. We offer two change of address pages with a variety of styles at Moving Cards and Moving Cards 2. The New Home Card pages are listed with our card pages on the table above.

If you would like to know when we add more cards, graphics, or sets just click the mail link and send your email address with the words - add graphic list, somewhere in the body of the mail or leave a note in our Guestbook.


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If you use any of our graphics, we'd love to see your site, and will

provide a return link from our site.

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If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know.


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Our graphics and sets are at

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The graphics on this page cannot be copied.  Similar graphics and backgrounds

to this page are at The Letter Corner. or you can visit our business site,

Storme Designs and order a card page made exclusively for your site

 or have us create a background and or set for

your exclusive ownership.

We accept PayPal now at our Design site.

If you like our card pages, and would like to make a donation, feel free.

If you would like a card page made for you, visit Storme Designs or

write us.  If you have a suggestion for a card, just let us know.


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Cards were rewritten on April 30, 2004.



Cards can be opened at Tripod.