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Storme Millennium Graphic Tutorials

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I've made a separate index for the tutorials for your


You may share these tutorials, but a link back to our site

must be provided.

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*If the graphic page name begins and ends with **'s, then it's new,

edited, or new URL .

Our apologies for part of our site being down.  It disappeared

from a server and we are slowly putting them back online.

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Our Main Graphic Index is at

Storme Millennium Graphics Platform.


I have created a descriptive index of our Tutorials for your

convenience at Storme Tutorial Index.


Our first  Paint shop Tutorial was the Slate Pad. I had made a graphic

for someone, and put the explanation online. Since then I've become

better acquainted with paint shop and graphics.

I haven't had enough time to put all my tutorials on line. I belong to

the Picture Perfect Graphics Group and they have some online there.

Just click on there name.

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If you create a graphic using any of our tutes, let us know if it's

on a page and will provide a link


We have a Mailing list sent out occassionally to advise of site updates

including tutorials and graphics.  If you would like to be on it,

you can send through the email link below or visit our page,

The Loft, and fill out the form past the middle of the page

to join our Bravenet mailing list, thank you.



Remember to always right click

and save them to your own computer. If you are new to this

or the web, please click on the e-mail graphic and write us for help.


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We hope you enjoy our graphics. We learned Paint Shop Pro 5

and 6, now 7 and recommend it to all.


We have a new index page for our Cards with graphics too at

Storme Millennium Cards and Graphics. 


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Please provide a link back to our site, if you use

any of our graphics or share a tutorial.


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This set will be available online soon for pages and or purchase.

Please visit  Storme Designs for purchse information.

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Our Site Index is at Storme Millennium Index.


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