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Man's Tie with Handkerchief and Shirt Tutorial

by Storme Designs

Feel free to share this tutorial with the credit link above.

First open a new image, as below.

tieopen.jpg (12482 bytes)

I always add a new layer to work on.

Open your line tool, which sways draw, as you can see below. Set it to the

options below, single line, width 2 or more and antialias checked.

tielinetool.jpg (15678 bytes)

I rarely take the time work with the grid, but if you prefer better alignment use the grid

setting. I judge by the gray and white blocks.  Make a short horizonal line for

the top, as you can see above.  Then make a line coming down and slanted outward,

as seen above.  The length of the line is up to how big you want the tie to be. Now

you can draw the other side or copy and mirror it.  Now from the end of your side

line draw a short line inward, and the same on the other side to meet it.  Refer

to the outline of my tie above as a guide where your lines should be placed.

Next, Take your magic wand tool, the black one with a yellow end, and click

in the center of the tie.  Then, go on your toolbar and click Selections,

Modify and Expand. Set pixels to about 3, and click okay.

tiemodifyexp.jpg (20288 bytes)

Now select the color of your choice for your tie and click on the flood fill tool, a tilted

can with a drop coming out of it.  The tie will fill with the color.

Go to selections and select none.  Now you can leave your tie as is or bevel it.

Then Selections, Select all, then Selections, invert. Now if you want to be

creative try using different plug ins to make it a different design.

I used Filter Factory A Holidays in Egypt for one. 

tiebasetr.gif (4935 bytes)

You can add anything or text to make it different.

If you want a bit of the back of a tie showing.  Open your line draw tool,

and set as below, then draw your line.

tielinebezier.jpg (13245 bytes)

Now for the pocket matching handkerchief.

There are two ways you can do this. 

Take your tie, go to Image and Flip.

tiefhanklip.jpg (10164 bytes)

Then crop the top, which was

the bottom of your tie, to the size you want.

Or open a new image and use the Shape tool set at Pentagon, and

tiehandkerchief.jpg (14968 bytes)

draw a shape in the color of your choice, then you would leave it

as is or add design or text.

Now you can make a tag using both or add to a shirt as above.


If you want to continue to making the shirt as on the top of the page,

click on Shirt Tutorial.


Feel free to E-Mail with questions or corrections.


If you use any of our graphics or share this tutorial,

you must provide a link back to mystyqcat.tripod.com/

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Thank You

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