Sparkly Varied Background Tutorial

by Storme Designs


Feel free to use this tutorial and share it,
but give credit and a link to
Storme Millennium Graphics Platform


For this tutorial I used Redfield's Jama filter and the

Xenofex plug in.

I will post the links soon.


First open a new image. I use a large one like 500x500,

so I can easily convert to a seamless background in PSP.

Open it with a transparent background at 72, 000 resolution

and 16.7 million colors.


Select flood fill, match mode none and 100 opacity.

Flood fill with the color of your choice.

I flood filled one with a light purplish pink.


Now for this I used Redfield's Jama 3D plug in. it may not come

the same but you can play with any texture or pool shadow also.

I used Jama Embossed Wrapper, antialias check marked, and

moved the stretch box to 00 in both corners making a rectangle.

I left the other settings, as they were.  It should look like

the sample below.

jamapic.jpg (9245 bytes)

Now you need the Xenofex plug in and open Origami.
I used Small Facets, fold size 11, random seed 74.
You can try others and play.
This is the finished pink one

sample (19481 bytes)

You can play with it, mute it, sharpen it etc. The background on

this page was made smaller and muted more.

You can use darker and brighter colors for a more colorful

and glassy look.

The blue result is below.

blularg.jpg (6883 bytes)

For the background use your selection tool and select a good size

area, but not too near the edges. Then, click on Selections above,

then convert to seamless pattern, and save as a jpg or gif for your background.


Your PSP playing options are endless, enjoy!


I am far from an expert, just placing what I've learned

and done online.  If you need help you can send email.

There are many Tutorial groups and sites on the web also.


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This page was edited on January 5, 2004.

Our drawing board is thanks to Tripod.