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Animated Background Tutorial

This tutorial was put together and graphics by Storme Designs.

The original instructions were given to me by Oliver.

The tutorial can be shared with a link back to our site.

The last golden gate animation cannot be copied without permission.

The below instructions are for an animated sky, but you can change

the background color and choose any graphics of your choice to animate.

anibgsize.jpg (14546 bytes)

Open a new image 200 x 200 dark, dark blue

I flood filled mine with the color of my choice.

anibgfloodblue.jpg (5160 bytes)

Using the selection tool - select an area approximately 100 x 100 from the center of the canvas --

anibgselect.jpg (14222 bytes)

Selections - Convert to Seamless Pattern

anibgconvertseam.jpg (21336 bytes)

copy and paste the seamless canvas two (2) times giving you a total of three canvases. 

Close the original 200 x 200 canvas - you don't need it anymore.

anibgthree.jpg (6446 bytes)

Using the 100 x 100 canvases - place sparkles or stars in different locations on each canvas.

anibgthreestar.jpg (13169 bytes)

Save the files as a gif and name frame1--frame2--frame3.

Open GIF Animator - in newer PSP versions, it's under File, scroll most of the way

down to   Jasc software products, then click on launch Animation shop.

After Animation shop loads up.  Click on the Animation Wizard under File or from

your tool bar and the picture below should have opened.

anibgwiz.jpg (11915 bytes)

Top box only should be Checked - Same size as first image frame.

Click Next - The transparent box should be checked, when the next window

opens, then click Next again.  When the next window opens, the top should be

checked, where it says upper left corner of the frame.  Then near the bottom, with

the canvas color should be checked. Click Next again.  In the next window

yes, repeat the animation indefinitely is checked.  The second box can be

between 30 to 40, what you prefer, The one I'm using today is 35.  Click Next.

  The next window will have a button that says - Add Image.  Add the three

frames you just saved in order of one, two and three.  Then click Next.  When the

next window appears, click Finish.  In the PSP animation the frames of your

animation will appear.  You can click on View, then animation on your toolbar to

see it animated. 

anibgstarry.gif (15114 bytes)

Do not save that.  Close it after viewing.  Save the framed

anibgframesave.jpg (10037 bytes)

animation to your optimized settings.  If you do not have them set, make sure you

save it as a gif file, which is the only way it will save properly for web viewing.  You

now can use the saved animated background on a web page or in your E-Mail.

Another example below using tubes, mainly all created by me. 

Below cannot be copied without permission, thank you.

goldgatemysanglanimtbg.gif (183365 bytes)

I also thought I would try one to look like falling snow. 

snowflakeanimbg.gif (19507 bytes)

Worked somewhat! Please don't copy this one either without permission.

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If you have any questions, contact me at Storme Designs
or send

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If you share this tutorial or use any of our graphics, please provide

a link back to


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This page was re-animated on January 5, 2004.

Graphics are animated through PSP and Tripod.