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Clover Tutorial

by Storme Designs

I wanted to make a simple clover for St. Paddy's Day graphics and developed this simple graphic and

tutorial.  Feel free to copy and share with a link back to our site.

You can copy the heart shape below, highlight it with your magic wand, then color it.  If you like,

you can then use inner bevel, as I did.

heartshapesm.jpg (2491 bytes)

If you prefer to use my clover leaf, copy below, highlight it with the magic wand, invert the

selection and copy it.

heartgreenbaswh.jpg (2214 bytes)

Open a new transparent image as below.  I like a larger workspace then needed.  You

can always crop it later.

clovernewim.jpg (14509 bytes)

I always use a new layer in case of mistakes.  You can always delete unnecessary layers

later or will disappear, when merged.

Now make your clover leaf from a font or copy one from mine.

Copy your leaf and paste as a new image.  This way if you have any problems

you have a leaf.  Save this leaf as a tube in the psp format.  This way you'll have it also

if you want to work with it in the future.

Deselect your original image. Go to selections, select none and click.

Now paste the copied leaf as a new layer on your original 534 by 534 image.

cloverstart2.jpg (3633 bytes)

Now on your tool bar click Image, then Rotate.

cloverrotate.jpg (15037 bytes)

Rotate to the left at 90 degrees and click okay leaving all layers unchecked.

Now line this up to the bottom of your first leaf.

Repeat Image and rotate, but click rotate to the right with 90 degrees checked again,

click okay. Line it up to the base of the first leaf also.

Your image should now look like below.

cloverfinbase3.jpg (4879 bytes)

You can leave it like this or use your retouch tool with the smudge effect and smudge

the lines a little.  Or you can use your shape tool and make a small green

circle and bevel it as I did on the clover on top of this page.

Click on new layer.

For your stem, you could simple draw a line or paint a line.

I used the line draw tool set at

cloverline.jpg (16611 bytes)

I drew two lines and shaped them by pulling a little.  I erased what

I didn't want or some of the length.  When done go to Layers, then

convert to raster layer.  With your image still highlighted you can bevel

your stem, if you like.  For beveling you can use the Paint Shop Program's

inner bevel or Eye Candy's bevel boss.

Then move your stem layer below your leaf layers to hide the edge.

You can do that by dragging it down on your layers tool bar or going to

Layers, Arrange and moving it down.  If you made the middle circle,

you would want to put the stem below that also.

clover(10764 bytes)

If you have any questions, just write.  Please put it's about tutorials in the subject line.

Mail (5774 bytes)

Don't want to make your own?  Just find a font with a clover leaf in it, fill it with color,

bevel and create!

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Remember to provide a link back if you share our tutorial or use any of

our graphics.

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This was created with PSP 7 ~ download a trial version.

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Our clover was trimmed on January 20, 2004.


Clover blooms through Tripod.