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Frames Using PSP 7 Pre-Shapes
with the Shapes Tool
by Storme Designs

Feel free to share this tutorial keeping the credit with it.

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First open a new image.

framemystopen.jpg (18007 bytes)

Click on a new raster layer. 

Next choose your background and foreground colors.  The color

does not matter unless that is the one you want your frame to be.  

 It is important that one shade be a dark color and one a light color,

like light blue for your foreground and dark blue for your background.  

 Once you've chosen your colors, click on your shapes tool.

framemystshapecol.jpg (12257 bytes)

I used a width of 15 with antialias checked.  You can use

either the ring shape or the border shape.  You probably can

use other ones, but those are the two I've worked with so far.
Draw your shape.  The size is up to you.
Now click on your magic wand in the middle frame, it will be

either darker or lighter than the other two sections.
framemystwand.jpg (11116 bytes)

Now you can either bevel it as is or paste in a graphic of your

Now you can either bevel it as is or paste in a graphic of your

dark edge around your graphic.  So, I go to Selections, Modify,

Expand and expand it about 4 pixels.
framemystselect.jpg (18463 bytes)

Then paste in a texture, picture or graphic, you've copied.

You can then bevel it or leave as is.  You would click on the

other two sides of that selection one at a time and paste in a

border or bevel with psp inner bevel or eye candy. I

recommend expanding selections, especially when using

  tubes or other selections.

Bevel picture (14962 bytes)

Go to layers and merge any layers.  You can saveyour frame as a

psp tube for future use.  For one with a picture in it flatten

layers and save as a jpg or transparent gif.

Cats in Frame(35019 bytes)

You can play with other plug ins or filters.  Below was created

using Redfield's Jama filter.

jama frame (27242 bytes)

The possibilities are endless in creating different frames!


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and frames can be, thanks.


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