The Bassinette Corner

birth announcement (45975 bytes)

We liked the bassinette with the baby and wanted to do something with it,

and the Announcement cards were the result.  The name could also be put

on the little rug or bassinette.

birth announcement (34684 bytes)

The one below was left with the white background.  If you wanted to print

out on a card and not have a border etc. All the cards can be printed out

or used in online mails or web pages to announce a new arrival.

Birth Announcement(24096 bytes)

The graphics below can be copied also.  You can use the rug or bassinette

etc. to place a name.

baby tag (33327 bytes)


   A new tag I made, It has a white shadow,      

so will show up better

on a light, plain background or email.

mosaictagbabymystbasfinjoywhtr.gif (25762 bytes)



Line (1761 bytes)

E-Mail (2250 bytes)

If you use any of our graphics, we'd appreciate a link back to

Storme Designs (8047 bytes)

If you would like a card made for you exclusively, please visit Storme Designs

or use the email link to ask.

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The page was last changed on January 2, 2004.


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