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                Kitty BowPlace

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                        This set is on two pages with two different buttons, a few

                           welcome signs, bars, bullets and backgrounds. The other page

                         is at Hello Kitty Room.  That page has texture backgrounds

                             and buttons, which can be used without the picture.  There are

     also tiled backgrounds with the kitty picture.

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                                  As always, remember to right click and save the graphic to

                                  your own computer or disk, if you need help please ask.

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                                 If you use any of our graphics, please let us know.

                               We'd like to visit and have started a link page.

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                              The below table has this same border pleated tile, but the main

background area is white.




            The one below is the same as the one above, but it

        has the bow on the kitty on the pleat border also.




                                Below is a tile background of the picture without a border.

                                 Another is at the other page along with a textured for





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                                  If you use any of our graphics or sets, please provide a

                                              link back to  https://mystyqcat.tripod.com/

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                                        If you would like a picture made into a set,

                                              please visit our business site, Storme Designs.

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                                                 This page was reset on February 10, 2004.

                                     Kitty can be viewed through Tripod.