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The Flower Basket

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This set has several backgrounds, buttons and lines.

I was making the frame from the hat and basket picture and made it into a set.

Many of the buttons, though, will only look good on the light background.

If you want them made for the darker, please visit Storme Designs.

The Welcome sign on the dark background will look best on that

and the one on this background goes on a light background.

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There are two sizes of the buttons, the larger has grapes on it.

They all look best on a light background.  You will note that they appear

to fade, when they fall over the picture.

If you want one made for the background, please visit  Storme Designs.

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If you use any of our graphics, please let us know.  We will list your link.

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If you use any of our graphics on this page, a link is required back to


Storme Designs(7140 bytes)


Below are some more backgrounds you can mix and match for

a two or three layered background.

The background below is the same color as this one, but without the texture.



The background below is the same as this one, but in a lighter pink.



The background below is a darker pink with a different texture.

The texture is actually created from the flower background.



The background below uses the basket on a white background and is textured.



The background below is another pink textured one.



The background below is a puplish color with texture.



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The basket was rearranged on December 12, 2002.