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Storme Millennium Graphics Platform

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We hope you enjoy our graphics. We learned Paint Shop Pro 5

and 6, now 7 and recommend it to all.

The index of all our graphics is below. Remember to always right click

and save them to your own computer. If you are new to this

or the web, please click on the e-mail graphic and write us for help.

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This set can be copied with a link back to this page.

Orchid Greenhouse

Flight Way

Elegant Fountain

Heaven Park

*Letter Corner*

Curly Pink Place

Lace Table

Unicorn Galaxy

Orchid Garden

Yellow Flower

Butterfly Basket

Cinderella's Carriage

BookMark Page

Kitten Scape

*Hummingbird Lane*

Elegant Woman

Kitten Cove

Balloon Park

Cat n Mouse Haven

Knick-Knack Corner

*KittyBow Place*

Cat Rock-Glen

Cat PurRock

Pansy Lane

Ocean Light Way

Light House Oval

Sea View Way

Cat Bird Lane

Tranquility Garden

The Bird's Nest

Winding Way

Millennium Drive

Castle Walk

Victorian Cat Room

Rainbow Pond

Fairy Rainbow Skyland

WaterLily World

Purple Kitten Splendor

Kitten Purple Place

Fantasy Planet

Space Place

Executive Blue

Blue Office

Room of Mirrors

Angel Pond

The Shadow Chamber

My Lady's Chamber

The Oval Chamber

The Victorian Chamber

Star Board

Miscellaneous Nest

Butterfly Nest

Winged Nest

Wrapping Room

Holiday Center

Under The Tree

Holiday Bear

Pink Kitten Swirl

Kitten Hideout

SnowMan Lane

SnowMan Walk

Meow Place

Fleur de Place

SnowMan Rink

Executive Square

The Padded Den

The Safari

Palm Beach

Forest Glade

Valentine Way

Crystal Blue shore

Tweety's Window

Hearts and More Boutique

Dream Forest

Cat n Mouse Alley

The Music Room

Sunset Beach

Tag and Sign Post

Butterfly Glen

Sign Corner

Unicorn Sandbox

Warm Desert

Wood Camp

Fortune Neighborhood

Photo Garden

The Weaver's Bar

Cinderella's Castle

Shadow Cat Glen

Cat Station

Cat Stationary Pad

Autumn Leaf

Blue Rose Album

Under the Sea

Blue Rose Cupboard

Graystone Manor

Shadow Cat Closet

Country Road

Swirl Forest

Fantasy Waterfall

St. Paddy's Lawn

Unicorn Showcase

ABC Notepad

Block Letter Desk

City Row

Stone House

*The Pantry*

Cat Playroom

*Kitchen Desk*

Friendship Corner

The Lily Pad

*Hummingbird Perch*

*The Colorful Star*

*The Placemat* *The Tea Service*

*The Stationary Star*

*HelloKitty Room*

*The Basinette Corner*

*If the graphic page name begins and ends with **'s, then it is new

after October 2001. Bookmarks and Recipe Cards are listed above.

*New is a page with Birth Announcements at the The Basinette Corner.

They can be copied and printed. Please note some of our pages may

not have been lined up properly yet. 

New graphic pages added January 2002.


Since, this index does not give a description of the sets, and

we realize it can be time consuming clicking back and forth,

we have provided a more informative and descriptive index at the

Loft, as time permits. The cards are described there also.


We have a new index for our cards with graphics too at

Storme Millennium Cards and Graphics. 



Our first  Paint shop Tutorial was the Slate Pad. I had made a graphic

for someone, and put the explanation online.The two others are

for a specialized background with filters and one using dingbat fonts in a shape.

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Added to a Realtor site, Realtor Assistance Center are two Card

pages to send to new home owners and two pages with Moving cards

for change of addresses on or off the web. We offer two change of

address pages with a variety of styles at Moving Cards and

Moving Cards 2. The New Home Card pages are listed with our

card pages on the table above.

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If you would like to know when we addhumbirdhumbul.gif (1473 bytes) more sets, graphics,

or cards just click the mail link and send your email address with

the words - add to graphic list, somewhere in the body of the mail

or leave a message in our Guestbook. 

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Our Chamber sets are of a Victorian lady type. Another background

with a full set of buttons is at a Graphic's Exchange Group site,

GLAD. If you would like to join GLAD or any other similar group,

check out my List Links in the Writing Room, updated recently.

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humbirdhumbulmir.gif (1474 bytes)OUR NEWEST SITE is STORME DESIGNS. This is our

business site, where we will create custom graphics for you at low

cost from banners to logo's to complete page design. Stop by at

Storme Designs, and see our samples. See a couple of original animal

samples. We have two new pages there made from one poster graphic.

They are Linkware, where a link Must be provided back to the poster

site from which the picture came. The poster is an old time cat design.

The links and information are at Storme Design Samples page.

Please feel free to leave your url at our Link page. We'd like

to return the visit.


Our cat has Mother's day and Father's Day tags at the Glass Studio.

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humbirdhumbulmir9.gif (1474 bytes)NEWEST addition to our cat's site are adoptions. These are

original graphics with a choice of adoption certificates. You can view

them at The Haven, The Haven's Nest and The Haven's Condo, new

figures added since opening.  Many of our adoptions are one of a kind

and can be purchased in larger sizes as logo's etc. through our

Business site,.Storme Designs,  Check Storme Design Samples also.


We have a game page at the Tea Room.  It was just updated July 3,

2001 with a video poker game and new background set. 

The rest of the set will be on a page soon.

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We have provided Logo Graphics, but they are not required

unless specifically noted for an original work etc. We do request

a link back to our site, unless otherwise noted. If you use this set,

please provide a link back to

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Please let us know, if you use any of our graphics, we would like

to visit and see them. Also, we will be posting a page listing your

sites. You can advise us through our email link or our Guestbook.

This design is available at Hummingbird Lane and the

Hummingbird Perch.


Some miscellaneous graphics are at the Attic and the Pumpkin Patch.

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Many of our other pages have sets on them also.


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This page was edited on January 27, 2002.   

Please be patient as we move our site here.  We hope our old pages continue

to show in the meantime.  The file managers were not working and had

various problems, so starting over again!

Cards can be viewed throughTripod,